CHO! 4 Charity

Monday,Nov 26 2012 11:03AM UTC // Posted by: admin

I am very proud to announce the launch of a campaign that is close to my heart, CHO! 4 Charity, a holiday fundraising campaign that is going to help raise money for the Maternity Ward at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. Victoria Jubilee is very dear to me as me and my siblings were born there. On one of my recent visits to Kingston, I was overcome with emotion seeing the need for essential materials in the ward. I immediately knew I needed to do something.

Knowing that I need the help of the community who care so much about Jamaica, I have partnered with to host the CHO! T-shirt fundraising drive. I am hoping to help restore vitality to the hospital and protect the lives of our most vulnerable by purchasing 15 much needed baby cots, by fundraising $5,430. All you need to do is purchase any one of my CHO! T-shirts. You can buy them directly from

The Victoria Jubilee Hospital sees more than 70,000 women and delivers 9,000 babies each year. It is one of the largest maternal facilities in the Caribbean. But with only 250 beds, Victoria Jubilee does not have enough beds to care for all of the mothers and newborn infants in need. It is our hope that not only do we raise money but also awareness for mothers and community development in Jamaica and around the globe.

Let’s get together and restore vitality to the hospital by providing much needed baby cots. The proceeds of any t-shirt purchased from my line CHO! will go to Victoria Jubilee. It is up to us to stand together and make a difference.

One Love…Cedella