In the Kitchen with C: Spicy Spread

Tuesday,May 01 2012 6:35PM UTC // Posted by: admin

Tonight’s recipe is a special request for a friend who loves this recipe and has been begging me to whip up a batch and ship to her. Instead I decided it would be better for me to share the recipe so she and all of you can make it at home. One of my favorite dips, this spread is healthy and VERY spicy……so bite with caution.

One Love…Cedella

C’s Favorite Spicy Spread Blend

-Half a jar of salsa (8 oz.)
-2 cups babaganoush
-Large handful chopped kalamata olives
-As much fresh minced garlic as your like
-1 small jar drained chopped capers
-Hot sauce to taste
-1 small chopped red onion

combine all ingredients, store in a sealed container in your fridge