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In The Marley Kitchen: Jamaican Blue Drawers (Duckunoo)

INGREDIENTS -2 cups grated Green Banana (skin removed) -1 cup grated Sweet Potatoes (skin removed) -1 cup Coconut Milk -1 tsp. Baking Powder -1 cup Brown Sugar -½ tsp. Salt -1 cup Flour -1 tsp. Vanilla Flavoring -4 tbsp. Raisins -2 tbsp. Ziggy Marley Coco’Mon coconut oil Oil -10x10 inch banana leaves or aluminum foil -Twine or Cord

DIRECTIONS -Use a large mixing bowl and add, the grated bananas, sweet potatoes, flour, baking powder, salt, and cooking oil. Use a wooden spoon to mix all the ingredients.

-Warm the coconut milk on a low fire. Add the brown sugar and vanilla to the coconut milk and sweeten. Next, add the sweetened coconut milk to the rest of the ingredients and mix everything together until the batter is formed. In the meantime bring water to boil in a saucepan.

-Use the wooden spoon to add four to five spoonfuls of the batter to a Banana leave or aluminum foil square sheet.

-Fold over the two opposite sides of the leaf/sheet to hold the batter in place.

-Fold the other two ends of the leaf/sheet around each other to create a neat, tight package, tie the blue drawers with the twine, cut the excess twine. This takes a little practice, so if you don’t get it at first, no worries. Do it again.

-Repeat this process for the rest of the batter and then add all the blue drawers to the pot of boiling water. Let the pudding cook for about 45 minutes.

-When the blue drawers are ready remove them from the boiling water and let them cool to room temperature.

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