Skip Marley Signed to Island Records and Debuts “Lions” – a Generational Call to Action

We are the lions, we are the chosen

We gonna shine out the dark

We are the movement, this generation

You better know who we are, who we are.”

(“Lions” by Skip Marley)

“Lions” Available Now:

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Island Records is excited to announce the signing of Skip Marley, a reggae prodigy for a new generation. Skip’s debut single “Lions,” is an intense call to action that “shows people when we are strong and unified no evil can get us.” Watch the powerful lyric video HERE!

“We are so proud to have Skip Marley join the Island family,” said David Massey, President/CEO Island Records. “His talent is extraordinary and his music reflects what the world needs right now. For Island to continue our history with the amazing Marley family is an honor. Skip’s unique style and point of view is going to set the world on fire.”

“Yea if ya took all my rights away

Yea if ya tellin’ me how to pray

Yea if ya won’t let us demonstrate

Ya wrong

Yea if ya thinkin’ I don’t belong

Yea if ya hidin’ behind a gun

Yea if ya hopin’ I’m gonna run

Ya wrong…”

Although reggae is at the root of his music, Skip says of his sound, “I’m coming from a new genera­tion, “blending influences and letting it come out organically in the music.” Referencing the Rolling Stones, soca, hip-hop and EDM artists in one breath, Skip doesn’t like to limit himself, instead he “just let ideas drop down on me and go with the flow.”

Deeply connected to his craft and refreshingly self-assured, Skip is authentic in a way most artists these days could never claim to be. His songs follow suit, confidently mixing genres, influences, and instruments while maintaining their important messaging. Those messages aren’t wedded to a particular moment in history, however. They’re universal and important, bringing the love his grandfather, Bob Marley, preached to a new generation.

“I want to spread my music to the people and help them unify,” he says. “I want people to take away a message of love, of looking at the way you are living and thinking where we can work to be our best. Whatever they’re feeling, I want them to be able to turn up my music and think, relax, and get good vibes.”

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