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Ital Stew with Spinners

Ital stew is kind of like Jamaican chili, but instead of cornbread, we add dumplings called spinners to the pot. The word "Ital" comes from the word "vital", tapping into the idea of the essential life force and goodness that Rastafarians embrace and put out into the world. This very healthy stew is extra hearty thanks to squash, potatoes and red kidney beans. Spinners are little flour dumplings made by taking a small piece of dough and rubbing it between your palms "spinning " it if you will, into a long cylinder. They are cooked directly in stew and soak up all that good flavor.

Ital Stew was one of my dad's favorite dishes. To try it for yourself, you'll find the recipe in my book Cooking with Herb 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle. Available on Amazon:

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