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Marley Kitchen Monday with Chef'd Featuring Rita Marley

Reggae Icon, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Food Enthusiast

About Rita Marley

Internationally, the name Marley is synonymous with reggae music and Jamaica culture. It is no coincidence that the talented Alfarita (Rita) Anderson was destined to become an integral part of the musical Marley family. Bob Marley is the King of Reggae and his wife, Mrs. Rita Marley, provided him with vocal support as a member of the I-Threes. Mrs. Rita Marley also forged an extraordinary career as a solo artist. As the matriarch of the Marley Family, Mrs. Rita Marley wears many hats and has been pivotal to the initiation and completion of great works internationally, regionally, and locally. Mrs. Rita Marley continues to make manifest her commitment to the works of her husband, Bob Marley, her children, and her community. She fulfills her mission to enlighten, educate, and entertain through philanthropy and music.

Mrs. Rita Marley is a proud, vibrant, confident Jamaican woman who is thankful for her many blessings and continues to give back to the two societies she loves dearly, Jamaica and Africa. Mrs. Marley has built a globally recognized empire with the Marley family and by extension, the spread and reach of Brand Jamaica as a related and intertwined category. She has twelve children, over sixty grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Rita Marley’s recipes feature plant-based dishes for holistic, clean living. You can shop from the collection and explore all of the bright and flavorful recipes by the Marley family by clicking on the pictures below. Enjoy!

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