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Natural Beauty Skin Glow Scrub

I'm often asked what's the secret to my "glowy" complexion and healthy skin. Well the truth is I exercise a lot, which helps flush out toxins and I make my own face and body scrubs. Hemp and Herb are great added to your diet and are also powerful ingredients to add to your skin care regime. You wouldn't want to eat foods loaded with chemicals and fake fragrances, so why would you want to put that on your skin? Remember, skin absorbs everything you put on it, including all of those undesirable ingredients on the product label like parabens and preservatives. Don't rely on chemicals to have great skin when you make something natural with wholesome ingredients found in most kitchens, like my Skin Glow scrub made with organic honey, coconut oil, hemp oil, cannaoil, hulled hemp seeds and a little fresh lemon juice.

Find this and some other fun and easy Natural Beauty Recipes in my book, Cooking With Herb 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle, available on Amazon.

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