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Passion Juice

My parents always used food to help keep me and my brothers and sisters healthy, but sometimes the treatments were hard to swallow. When we'd see Daddy coming with a glass of aloe vera juice we just wanted to run! He told us to drink it because it was good for our belly and our blood, but boy did it taste awful. Afterwords, he'd give a chaser of something sweet, like this tangy juice with lime and ginger. Passionfruit has a great sour edge with a natural acidity that combines so nicely with pineapple and ginger. A little watermelon adds natural sweetness and that gorgeous sunrise color that brings me back to being a kid and watching the sun come up over the ocean. The recipe for Passion Juice in my book, Cooking with Herb 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle, shows you how to enhance it with CannaOil. You could also leave out the Herb and spike it with Jamaican rum for a delicious cocktail!

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