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Rum Raisin and Grape-Nut Ice Cream

I guess you'd call my parents some of the original health nuts, we never had much in the way of sugary foods in our house, and dessert was something special, not an everyday kind of thing. According to my dad, a raw carrot was dessert! So when we were given a cookie or something sweet, it was a big deal. That said, Daddy loved to treat us kids, especially if we had a hard day or were upset or sad - off we'd go to the Oop Si Do Ice Cream Parlor for a scoop of Dragon Stout, Rum Cake, Irish Moss, Soursop, Sorrel or my favorite, Grape-Nut. Here I enhance the ice cream with some CannButter, which works great in ice cream since you are making a custard base first to warm and distribute it. You can use some CannaVanilla in place a vanilla bean as well.

This Herb enhanced recipe can be found in my book, Cooking With Herb 75 Recipes for The Marley Natural Lifestyle. Get your copy on Amazon:

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