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Sticky Sweet Potato Pudding with Coconut "Conkalonk" Topping

My Auntie used to make this wonderful sticky-sweet pudding for us kids and you bet I was the first one waiting by the oven with a spoon. I just loved it hot and fresh, sweet and good. The sweet coconut topping that is sometimes called Conkalonk, or slush, because it's so syrupy and sticky, is what makes it so special. The pudding, which really has more of a cake-like texture, is loaded with sweet potatoes and raisins and absorbs some of the topping. The whole package is incredibly delicious. At Christmas time we'd steam the pudding outside over a coal stove. I remember using dumpling dough to cover the baking dish to seal in the steam. The fire made the flavor that much more special!

Find this traditional Jamaican recipe enhanced with herb, or not, in my book Cooking with Herb 75 Recipes for the Marley Natural Lifestyle.

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